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Researching air forwarding
Air freight waiting to be loaded

Offering secure and dependable airfreight solutions.



Trans Knights provides a wide range of aviation logistics services. All air services prioritize fulfilling a set transit time, maintaining a high level of communication, and keeping an eye out for cost-cutting alternatives such as consolidation and multimodal transportation.

We understand that a few extra hours of transportation might spell the difference in both profit and a satisfied customer. That is why our global air division personnel are always on the lookout for barriers to your air cargo from the minute it is sealed until the moment it arrives.

Our Services:

  • General cargo consolidation

  • Express airfreight

  • Direct airline services

  • Solutions for peak-time capacity limits

  • Temperature control

  • Intermodal

  • Oversize

  • Dangerous Goods

We provide specialized operations to satisfy client requirements and give access to preferred capacity via a organized group of airline service suppliers. 

Airplane ready to deliver cargo from air forwarding.
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