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Warehouse Shelves from Above

Organizing warehouse inventory with for maximum efficiency.



A rule-based system of moving items from a received shipment to the right places in a warehouse. This ensures that goods are stored at the right locations based on their storage condition requirements, prompting easy access and organized inventory.

Directed put-away is closely linked to the notion of "zoning," which groups storage places together. Your cargo will always receive its own allocated area as to not be mixed and confused with other customers shipments when outbound transit occurs.

Our Services:

  • Offering an optimized warehouse layout

  • Complete shipments always ready for expedited transit

  • Helps to improve accuracy and efficiency in the warehouse and can help reduce the risk of errors or misplaced shipments.

  • Ensures sufficient storage space 

Automating our put-away methods takes the guesswork out of operations. Thus, eliminating mistakes and enhancing our warehouse work rates.

Warehouse Team in Meeting
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