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Researching customs bonds at a customs brokerage.
Taking picture of customs bond at a customs brokerage.

We guarantee compliance with Customs regulations.



A bond is required for clearing Customs on commercial goods that are valued over $2,500 and if the goods are subject to requirements from other U.S. government agencies.

Bond Details:

  • Customs Bond: Single or Annual

  • Single-entry bonds are calculated based on the individual shipment

  • Continuous Customs Bonds are based on 10% of the total taxes, duties and fees paid by the importer over the previous 12-month period.

  • Your customs bond can be purchased directly though us!

Customs Bonds ensure that the CBP will be immediately paid if any additional import duties, taxes, or fees need to be assessed, which speeds up the customs clearance process.

Filling out a customs bond application at a customs brokerage.
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