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Beautiful Tainjin Skyline



Tianjin Meiyang Shipping joined Trans Knights Group in 2012. Supported by the extensive Trans Knights network in North America, it accumulated a solid local sales team and close connections with airlines and carriers.


Tianjin is a coastal city in Northern China, hosting the most important industries, including automobile, biotechnology and electronic goods manufacturers. Its economy keeps growing at a fast and steady rate and has raced to the top in the country. Such a growth has attracted global business, transforming Tianjin into a center for international shipping.

Container ship arriving at port

Tianjin office teams frequently with the biggest national logistics enterprises in the nation, and also guides many small and independent ones to enter into their global markets.

North China

Trans Knights Tianjin Office

C/O MeiYang Shipping
Room 1202, Block B, Tianhui Plaza,
Fu'an Avenue, Heping District,
Tel: 86-022-60956099
Fax: 86-022-58779906


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