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Researching inbound and outbound logistics for freight brokerage.
Trucks ready for international shipping.

Effectively moving cargo around the world!



Trans Knights focuses on delivering the most effective routes, while negotiating competitive rates of transportation for your business. When receiving cargo or sending to customers, you can count on us to provide outstanding results.

Let us handle the transportation of your shipments so you can focus on the greater picture. Whether you need to bring supplies or materials into a business or transfer goods and products out to clients, we can organize it.

Inbound Services:

  • Transportation Management System (TMS): This software automates, manages and optimizes freight operations

  • Combine deliveries: If a business struggles to make full truckloads, we can combine its partial loads with those of other customers.

  • Material handling: Moving the received goods within the facility and staging them for later use.

Inbound process includes the steps to order, receive, store, transport and manage incoming supplies. 

Semi-Truck heading inbound to supply customers of a freight forwarding company.
White Minibuses ready to deliver outbound supplies to customers.

Outbound Services:

  • Delivery: Our focus on-time delivery is critical to our success.

  • Delivery Optimization: Optimizing delivery involves not only reducing costs but meeting ever-increasing customer expectations for speed and visibility.

  • Use smart route planning.
    Automated route planning can reduce waiting and travel time for deliveries.

Outbound process involves storing and moving goods to the customer or end user.

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