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Experience and knowledge are the benchmarks for handling risk before it occurs.



The Risk Management department of Trans Knights is an expert in maritime cargo insurance, claims, security, and the legal responsibilities of carriers all around the world. We have extensive expertise of how goods travels, and our knowledge of the sector is backed up by training in both insurance and logistics.

Wherever your goods are being sent, Trans Knights is uniquely suited to inform and safeguard your consumers against damaged cargo, theft, and security breaches.

Our Services:

  • Cargo Insurance: full shipment coverage

  • Cargo Claims: Our experienced staff is ready to fight for you

  • Customs Bonds: We offer unmatched service and knowledge to suit your demands for Customs surety bonds as a reputable and trustworthy Customs broker

All-Risk cargo insurance, the widest, most complete kind of coverage available. With our service, customers have the option to buy insurance on a transactional basis or with an annual policy.

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