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Customs Brokerage Researching ISF form.
Customs Brokerage filling out ISF form.

Everything you need to fill out your ISF form and ship your cargo on time.


ISF (10+2)

The ISF (10+2) form is legally required by US Customs for all ocean cargo before a vessel departs for the United States.

Form Details:

  • ISF must be filed at least 24 hours before cargo departs for the United States and completed no later than 24 hours prior to its arrival. 

  • While the carrier files some information from their side, US importers must file the ISF to get their ocean cargo cleared from customs.

  • The form must be filed for the shipment to clear customs. Penalties for non-compliance include a $5,000 fine, increased inspections, and cargo delays.

Customs Brokerage Filing ISF form.
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